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About Us

About Our Company

Every piece tells a story

Because “we Zig when others Zag”. We may not be the only ones in the world of jewelry and accessories. Yet, we made our own signature & own style to preserve the unique place we deserve to let our distinguished pieces tell “who we are?”.  


You are never fully dressed without jewelry and accessories!

Dear Zigzagers, welcome at ZigZaged shop page where you can navigate easily searching for your suitable accessories. Your satisfaction as ZigZaged community is our priority. Thus, our website offers you a wide range of distinguished pieces of jewelry and accessories shared in a simple, clear and full description and prices responding to all your questions along with real photos taken by our team.  Through our website we share products with our customers and build a new creative culture in the world of fashion accessories. Thus, don’t hesitate to surf in all our page sections to know more through our history, philosophy, photos, about us, terms & conditions, return and refund policies. you are welcome to contact us freely through our section “contact us” for any help and support.

Welcome to Zigzaged

Totally Zigzaged


Zigzaged is an online destination for original and affordable jewelry and accessories designs. You can shop a variety of handmade, gold plated, stainless steel and customizable beads pieces suitable for women, men & little ones for all occasions and have them delivered swiftly to your doorstep.

Production process

Production process: our distinguished pieces are made or picked as twisting the wheel of fortune: Each color of the wheel takes care about a small detail starting from metal chains, beads, zircon stones, designs, colors, sizes and final shapes. Once all are done, our wheel of fortune is stopped to announce that you are the lucky ZigZagers enjoying distinguished, unique and original pieces of jewelry & accessories adding more elegance, brilliance and self-esteem to your look signed by ZigZaged.


since 2020, ZigZaged works to enlarge and expand its production line through more designs and materials to answer the Lebanese market needs. The physical shop was a great opportunity to have a bigger space to manage our work process, extend our business and build a big community of ZigZagers. 


Amani, ZigZaged founder, has always had the passion for accessories and interest to have that harmonious attitude frequently admired by friends, relatives and community members. It’s about a taste in matching personal outfits with unique pieces. Actually, she believes the right piece of jewelry can turn around any outfit. 2020 was the time to convert this passion into a business shared with you, ZigZagers, all over the world.


2020 was the decision to turn our jewelry and accessories perception into a business act. From a small atelier with few tools and too much passion and care, Zigzaged started to launch its special pieces of trendy accessories to our loyal customers. 2021, ZigZaged surprised it’s community by opening its physical shop located at the city of Saida in the aim to combine between real and virtual worlds. This combination consists the base of new commerce dimensions that ZigZaged started to set. The aim is not about to sell special pieces as much as to build a new culture and new vision toward the jewelry world. That’s why, we admit that “we Zig when others Zag”.

Your Team

At Zigzaged, we believe in the power of the team especially when its members enjoy different interests, experiences and knowledge. Business passion and creativity were the key elements to join Zigzaged and share various tasks with much love and care: taking real photos, designing posts, managing social media pages, responding to customers, managing financial status and liaising with delivery companies.

Your advantages


Loyal ZigZagers are our precious fortune we focus to serve the best way we can. Thus, our business strategy is built to have life-long ZigZagers and new ones with every new sunshine. For this purpose, in addition to offering the best quality pieces, original designs and competitive prices, ZigZaged team built a customer service plan aiming to facilitate daily purchases and delivery process. 

Fast and regular communication services: ZigZaged team scheduled regular replies to our online inquiries within a duration of two hours via social media, direct messages and e-mail. 

Delivery services: we provide the best delivery services all over Lebanon within 3 to 4 working days with Aramex, one of the best delivery companies in town.

Physical shop: ZigZaged physical shop in the city of Saida gives the opportunity for its visitors to discover ZigZaged community and choose and try their special pieces. Zigzaged physical shop opens 6 days per week and full working week during occasions (Christmas- New Year- Fitr Eid – Mother’s Day, etc.) 

Gift cards: Confused what to choose from her or for him??? ZigZaged gift cards are ready to solve this challenge.  You pay and they choose!!!

 Thank-you cards: grateful and thankful we are to all our loyal ZigZagers. Few words written on our special thank you cards can express our deepest feelings and open the door for any question or concern to be shared. 

 Regular and occasional promotions: encouraging new ZigZagers and keeping our loyal ones remains a big goal for the team. Thus, all ZigZagers have the chance to benefit from all kinds of promotions: last piece promotions- occasions promotions- Black Friday- End of Season – Give away.

safe and eco-friendly packaging: ZigZaged online orders are carefully prepared to guarantee a safe and secure delivery process reaching your doors. Pieces are protected by organza bags then recycled paper bags labeled by a clear warning message addressing the delivery boy.

After sale follow-up: our team is dedicated to follow-up the purchase process since picked up by the delivery company reaching your doors. Our ZigZagers’ Feedbacks are welcomed through social media comments and stories as well as direct WhatsApp messages.